Dr. Amy Kelchner, N.D.

Dr. Amy Kelchner, ND Shaman Naturopathic Medicine Craniosacral Therapy Portland OregonI invite you to engage in the world, no longer as an observer, but with the whole of yourself. I invite you to sit with me and tell me your story; let’s talk about your dreams and your pain. Allow yourself the possibility of deep healing.

Whether you’ve been struggling with illness, pain, or unhappiness, you are faced with a choice. You can follow the modern medical approach and attempt to eliminate the suffering and go back to the way things were before, or you can get curious about this challenge and look for its greater meanings, gifts and opportunities. You can be present with the life you live now, and create the world you want to live in.

I have been a bodyworker for 22 years, and licensed as a naturopathic doctor since 2003. My primary focus is on the intersection of body, mind, and spirit. What I’ve observed over the years is that illness is a multi-layered thing. It is often the body, in its wisdom, telling us of a deeper imbalance, and offering up an opportunity, should we choose to take it, for profound, integrated healing. Because of this, I offer holistic, whole-system healing sessions that integrate many aspects of being human: chemical, structural, emotional, and spiritual. My passion lies in understanding the core of a person’s suffering and stimulating deep healing from that place, where it can ripple out to all aspects of their life. I use craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, guided imagery, and shamanic healing practices in addition to traditional naturopathic care such as lab analysis, diet, supplements, herbs, and homeopathy. I have found that the biochemical and nutritional therapies are more effective after doing somatic exploration and trauma release through gentle hands-on therapy and meditation.

My work is especially beneficial for people with chronic or recurrent concerns such as pain and fatigue, anxiety and depression, migraine headaches, chronic digestive complaints and the like. Having been in practice for so many years, I am comfortable with the wide range of problems a primary care practice brings, at the same time that I’m focusing my practice on this mind-body place.

If you’re curious about this approach, I would love to work with you. It would be a privilege to offer you a space to heal. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation if you’d like to chat with me. I take many forms of insurance.

For more information please see my website at: www.tendingbodyandsoul.com.

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