Dr. Tom Messinger, N.D., R.N.

Dr. Thomas Messinger, ND, RNDr. Messinger is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. Prior to becoming an ND, he enjoyed an extensive career as an RN, spanning 23 years. Most of his career was spent working in inner city Emergency Rooms/Trauma Centers. He found his career as a nurse extremely rewarding, but he decided to attend naturopathic medical school to help people in a more profound way, restoring their health through natural means.

He has a family practice conveniently in close in SE Portland and sees patients of all ages. His goal with each patient is to identify and treat the underlying root cause of their health issues so that they can regain their health. Even conventional medical literature now recognizes that diet and lifestyle contribute to all chronic conditions, thus he works diligently with patients to implement dietary and lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on their health.

Dr. Messinger sees patients with a variety of medical problems. Some areas of particular focus are gastroenterology (symptoms and/or diseases of the digestive tract), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease. He is a current member of ILADS, a professional organization dedicated to research, education, and appropriate treatment for Lyme disease.

He has found by applying the foundational principles of naturopathic medicine, positive results are obtained, even in cases that have been long-standing and resistant to prior treatments. In addition to diet and lifestyle interventions, Dr. Messinger often incorporates targeted nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, physical medicine, Neural Therapy, homeopathy, and detoxification to gently assist the patient back to health. He has also completed a 3 year certification training in Shiatsu (acupressure) massage and has found that to be a powerful therapeutic tool that patients love.

Dr. Messinger is a current member of the following organizations:

  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)
  • Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP)
  • International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

Dr. Messinger has completed Dr. Teitelbaum’s specialized training in treating CFS and fibromyalgia using the research-backed S.H.I.N.E.®  treatment protocol which has been shown to be very effective for helping Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

In the News!

Dr. Messinger was recently featured in the Portland Tribune. Follow the link to read the article “Naturopaths Mix Traditional, Modern Treatment.”


I came to Dr.Tom Messinger last year as a self-defined anti-naturopath at her wits end and looking for a last resort. I think I even told him upfront that I thought a lot of it was hooey. I am now a total convert and see him about every two months or so for a check in and massage. Why? My initial appointment was two hours long. TWO HOURS. (Maybe one and a half.) That is what, 8 times longer than the 15 minute appointment I get at Kaiser where they take my BP and temp and call it good. I was floored at the level of attention I received – and Tom is about the nicest guy you will ever meet. When I go there I feel like he genuinely cares and is passionate about people and health. Tom figured out what left my Kaiser doctors completely flummoxed. He ran tests that I thought were a bunch of hooey until they came back positive – then he completely restored my life. A year ago I was sitting in his office sobbing because doctors had always told me that my tests were neg. and they didn’t know what’s wrong but “it might get better when you’re 60.” Not good enough! Here I am, a year later, FEELING BETTER. I had… food allergies. Food allergies and leaky gut. A few weird pills and some probiotics and a change to my diet and I am off *all* my other medications. Insomnia GONE. Depression GONE. Anxiety GONE. Panic attacks GONE. Back pain GONE. Chronic fatigue GONE. Foot pains GONE. Stomach problems GONE. Sinusitis SO MUCH IMPROVED. Weight – well, that depends on whether I stick to Tom’s recommendations and protocol, but you know what, I have my life back. I am so much happier and my health is put back in my own hands with decisions I can make. I can’t say enough and I tell EVERYONE that has weird “stuff going on” that the doctors can’t figure out (or if you were like me and working with multiple specialists that each said something different) – go see someone who treats you as a WHOLE PERSON. Go see Tom. I promise. He will change your life. Also – he gives the best shiatsu massage…. as in I can’t go anywhere else for “normal”(Swedish) massage because his are so amazing and I love giving him my business. He is such a sweetheart too and works wonders with insurance companies. GO SEE TOM!!!!

M. H.

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A Profound, Blissful Massage!
I went to see Tom because I was experiencing some low back pain and fatigue. Immediately upon meeting him I felt at ease. We talked about my condition and he explained the basics of shiatsu.The massage was two hours of pure bliss. I became totally relaxed and enjoyed every moment.
Afterwards I felt like a different person. I felt light and limber, calm and centered. My back pain was gone and felt like my energy battery was recharged. I highly, highly recommend seeing Dr. Messinger for shiatsu massage. You will be very glad you did.

D. Allen


I first saw Dr. Messinger when I was in extreme pain. I found in him a concerned and compassionate physician who listened carefully to me. He was just as careful in working out a treatment plan for me and I thank him for helping me regain my health.

Sara R.

Dr Tom Messinger (Portland Natural Medicine) is truly amazing!
He has an incredible knowledge and always takes the time to explain things to make sure that I understand what is going on with my health. I can tell that he truly cares about his patients, he is available and always returns calls promptly. He also has a great sense of humor, which makes visits even more enjoyable! I have seen countless “traditional” doctors and 3 naturopaths in the last few years but Dr Tom is the only one who really took the time to listen, thoroughly examine and analyze my health issues and used the proper tests to figure out the source of my problems. Dr Tom’s first thought was that I had certain food sensitivities and he was right on. Since I changed my diet and followed Dr Tom’s advice on vitamins and food supplements, I feel alive again and very energetic for the first time in about 20 years! Dr Tom also uses Shiatsu massages as part of his treatment and these massages leave you feeling very relaxed and recharged at the same time. Dr Tom also greatly improved my 9 years old daughter’s health by finding out she had an extremely high allergy to many foods. She also had a viral skin infection for months that only got worse after seeing a very expensive dermatologist. Dr Tom found a simple, natural and painless inexpensive treatment that cleared the infection in a matter of weeks! He also found a natural remedy that helps her issues with staying focused. The following year, I took my 7 years old daughter to Dr Tom to address a skin problem that she had for a while. It turned out she also had many food allergies. Dr Tom Messinger is so good and gentle with children that my daughters try to find reasons to go visit him and they don’t even mind getting their blood drawn by him! Dr Tom has been our family primary care provider for almost two years now and we all feel much better for it. I feel blessed to have him to care for me and my family and I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health and/or stay healthy. Dr Tom Messinger is the best!

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Dr. Tom Messinger is amazing! 
My husband hadn’t seen a medical professional for all of the years we had been together (10!). He was convinced he was dying for all of these years and was afraid he’d lose control of his medical care and decisions if he saw a conventional doctor. I finally convinced him that he desperately needed some health care and that naturopathy was less invasive and would leave him more in control of his situation. We went to see Dr. Tom. While my husband does have a serious medical condition that requires some lifestyle changes, he is not dying. But more about Dr. Tom Messinger! He was gentle and positive with my husband. While some gave opinions of “you might be dying”, Dr. Tom gave positive encouragement with words like, “let’s see what’s going on and then make proactive steps to solve the problem.” My husband came away with hope, believing his physician held a positive outcome for him in his mind and heart. Having that kind of hope is 50% of the cure. Thank you, Dr. Tom.

Dr. Messinger is Gifted! 
I went to see Dr. Messenger for a shiatsu recently. It was my first experience with this kind of massage and he offered an amazing introduction to the form. I requested the “long form” which, besides being a longer treatment, also included some deep stretching. I thought I’d be averse to having someone else stretch me, but his communication was excellent and ensured that I was never uncomfortable. Unlike other forms of massage that I’ve received, I found his shiatsu to be invigorating as well as relaxing. I had more energy, my body moved with greater ease and even my chronic low back pain resolved for a while. This should become part of everyone’s regular wellness routine.

I first saw Dr. Messinger when I was in extreme pain. I found in him a concerned and compassionate physician who listened carefully to me. He was just as careful in working out a treatment plan for me and I thank him for helping me regain my health. — Sara R.
Dr. Messinger changed my life! I was having really bad anxiety that started 8 years ago after a traumatic event. The anxiety had been getting progressively worse for the last 8 years and it was to the point where it was completely taking over my life. He listened to me very carefully and prescribed a homeopathic remedy that wiped away the anxiety! I feel like I have a new lease on life and am able to once again enjoy life!

I don’t have any health issues but I can highly recommend Dr. Tom’s shiatsu! I felt like a new person after a treatment from him-both physically and mentally! I have been a skeptic when it comes to naturopathic medicine but am now convinced that it is definitely an option if I ever do need medical attention. In the meanwhile, I will be going to see Dr. Messinger for shiatsu as soon as I can get an appointment!

LeAnn K.


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