Support Staff

The Portland Natural Medicine office team does a fantastic job of managing the flow in the clinic.  Skilled in phlebotomy, lab services, answering questions and assisting patients, the team is here to help!

Portland Natural Medicine Oregon Office Team

Victoria Phemister, Office Manager and Phlebotomist

In everything from management to doctors assistant or phlebotomist, Victoria has always had a passion for healthcare and medicine. She has worked in the medical community for 17 years before joining the team here at Portland Natural Medicine.

She loves living in Oregon and can quite often be found at any of the local farmers markets, checking out a new favorite brunch location or spending time in the beautiful outdoors with her family and friends.

Victoria and her husband volunteer their time to help find homes for shelter rescue dogs and she’s very compassionate about animal welfare. She loves caring for her spoiled dog and her flock of endlessly entertaining chickens.

Angela Nguyen, Reception and Phlebotomist

Angela, an Aquarius and indoor enthusiast, was born in the gritty Tenderloin District of San Francisco and spent her childhood in the South catching lightning bugs in jars. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree from the The Art Institute of Portland and is also a certified Phlebotomist. In her free time she enjoys a wide variety of musical genres and can be found at the library in search for words of wisdom. Her favorite color is grey and she loves croissants.