Alcohol / drug healing

Dr. Messinger has developed an extremely powerful and effective program for people that know they need to quit their substance of choice. The program is based upon the revolutionary treatment program out of the Health Recovery Center in Minnesota. Current conventional medical treatment views alcoholism and drug addiction as an “emotional disease”, thus the treatment strategy is geared to address the emotional component with counseling and support groups. While counseling and support groups are important and can have great benefit, research reveals that only 24% of alcoholics remain sober after 2 years using conventional treatment strategies. This poor success rate is not because counseling and support groups are not helpful, it is because there is a physical component to the disease of alcoholism that is often ignored.

There are multiple nutritional and biochemical factors that contribute to making someone susceptible to becoming addicted as well as remaining addicted despite desire and efforts to quit. If the disease of alcoholism is not biochemically addressed through nutritional support and biochemical restoration, then the odds of relapse are high

Dr. Messinger’s program is based upon the revolutionary treatment program out of the Health Recovery Center in Minnesota (74% success rate). It incorporates nutritional support and supplementation that addresses underlying biochemical imbalances that make it difficult for the most well-intentioned individual to quit. The program also focuses on restoring neurotransmitter balance that is so essential to remain sober. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals whose depletion not only makes one ,more susceptible to becoming addicted to a substance, but also they get further depleted by alcohol and drugs, making it harder to quit and remain sober. These necessary brain chemicals are needed to regulate our emotions and direct proper thought processes. Therefore, the treatment for substance abuse has to include the repair and replacement of the biochemical balance needed for emotional and mental health.

Dr. Messinger’s program screens for various physical and biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to your addiction, and utilizes nutrition, botanical medicines, and supplements that have an amazing ability to decrease or eliminate cravings, eliminate withdrawal symptoms, and restore neurotransmitter balance. Dr. Messinger also employs a homeopathic remedy specific for the individual that greatly facilitates a mental and emotional shift. This often will insure a smooth transition to a new life without the addicted substance.

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