Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation

Craniosacral therapy* Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation Dr. Amy Kelchneris a gentle, hands-on healing technique that calms the nervous system and gently restores the body into balance. Visceral manipulation** calms the organs and restores their natural movement so they can function properly. Profound relaxation occurs with gentle holds and subtle manipulation of the tissues. Muscles relax, joints release their tension, and membranes loosen, giving the body-mind the ability to reset and restore its function. Emotions long trapped within the body release, allowing space for new patterns to emerge.

Craniosacral therapy is wonderful for nervous system concerns, headaches and migraines, TMJ disorder, back and neck pain. It is a gentle and effective therapy for chronic pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, as it never forces the body to move yet it allows the movement to occur. It is also used for anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia. Visceral manipulation is helpful for digestive complaints such as reflux, SIBO, and constipation and is often the missing link in other forms of bodywork as the fascia surrounding the organs connects to all other structures in the body.

Used during guided meditation and shamanic healing***, the profound relaxation that occurs with this gentle bodywork opens the door to the subconscious realms where deep healing occurs. Dr. Kelchner uses it to help a person access this healing place where they can release harmful patterns and imagine the life they want to bring into being. She find it helps people come back into their bodies and find their own presence resting there. When pain and tension are released from the body-mind, other treatments work better and life takes on a new feeling of ease.

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