Shamanic Healing

Have you ever felt like you lost a part of yourself somewhere along the way?
Do you suspect that there’s a bigger story to your suffering, one that connects you to the world around you, and gives your life meaning?
Are you ready to dive deeply into your life and discover the treasures hidden there?

Shamanic Healing Dr. Amy KelchnerDr. Kelchner invites you to come on a journey with her, a journey that will lead you directly to the source of your greatest strength and facilitate the healing of your deepest pain. A journey to collect the pieces of your own bright soul.

This journey is created through the use of a guided meditation called the shamanic journey, where we access non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. This is a realm that we typically enter only in myths and dreams, and when we access it consciously using the drum or rattle, remarkable healing can happen. Lost parts of ourselves are restored and energies that don’t belong to us are released. We find allies and guides, we communicate with our ancestors and loved ones, and we find ourselves belonging to the earth in a whole new way. In the shamanic journey nature becomes alive and we recognize ourselves as a part of the web of life. The gifts in our suffering are revealed, and our creative energy is given new life. When Dr. Kelchner enters into non-ordinary reality on behalf of another person, her intention is to bring light into the darkness, and lead the patient to the source of their personal power.”

Most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to what they call the loss of the soul. The soul is defined as the life force or the essence, and it is believed that when we suffer physical or emotional trauma, a piece of our soul leaves the body in order to survive the experience. In Western psychology we call this dissociation. The role of the shamanic practitioner is to enter non-ordinary reality on behalf of another person, track down these lost soul parts and bring them back to the body. When the body is restored to wholeness and personal power is restored, illnesses shift and release. Treatments that previously didn’t help begin to take hold as the person finds the inner drive to create a vibrant life and express their own soul’s gifts. In conjunction with other naturopathic modalities, deep and lasting healing takes place when the spiritual imbalance is addressed.

For more information about shamanism see: The Power of Shamanism to Heal Emotional and Physical Illness by Sandra Ingerman.

Shamanic Healers