Weight Loss and Detoxification Specialists

A common reason people come to the clinic is they want assistance in losing weight and detoxifying their body. Our providers work with clients to develop a program that is safe, effective, and comprehensive to help reach and maintain ideal body weight. Despite what advertising may tell you, there are no quick permanent fixes for weight loss. Rapid weight loss programs are almost always followed by weight gain.

How it works:

  • You will receive a naturopathic evaluation to assess for physiological obstacles that may have contributed to your weight gain and inability to lose weight.
  • If deemed helpful, some lab workup may be done, including labs to assess your thyroid and adrenal functioning. Proper functioning of these glands is crucial for successful weight management.
  • Potential obstacles to weight loss are addressed such as insulin resistance, functional hypothyroidism and elevated cortisol levels.
  • An individualized, health-promoting, low-allergenic whole foods diet is prescribed for you that will help you to lose weight and detoxify.
  • Targeted supplements are often utilized to help in liver metabolism of fat, detoxification, and improved gastrointestinal function. No stimulants of any kind are utilized on this program
  • A sensible exercise program tailored for you will be recommended
  • Bioimpedance evaluation via a Tanita scale is utilized

Benefits of this program:

  • A weight loss program that is medically supervised and safe
  • Through this program you will learn to transform your diet into one that is enjoyable, gives you energy, and fosters a lifetime of helping prevent chronic disease.
  • Many health conditions are often improved and even eliminated through dietary change and naturopathic care.
  • Food sensitivities are often identified if present.
  • Lipid levels are improved, blood pressure often is normalized, and blood sugar is lowered if elevated.
  • Evaluation and improvement of physiological obstacles that may be preventing you from having weight loss success.
Weight Loss & Detoxification Specialists